Recreational sports are our business

We came together to form a website that is dedicated to people who also happen to enjoy recreations sports, go-carting, water park thrills and much more. Their goal is to grow an online community of racing hobbyists and fans and also provide entertaining and educating information about racing. But it also takes the right people who love what they do. Here is our creative team:

Katie Cadieux aka "Kit-Kat"

She is responsible for being the head website writer. She loves go-kart racing and spends her free time looking for new go-kart parks that offer new thrills with her friends. Contrary to what her family might think, she is happy with her life and doesn't wish to change anything about it. Go-karting isn’t just a ‘guy thing’... Her favorite quote is "Live your life your way and I'll live my life my way". She also believes that the world would be a better place if people did not try so hard to change others.

Aubine Paquin aka "The Tech Fanatic"

She’s our official website editor. Her family refers to her as The Tech Fanatic because since she fell in love with computer tech ever since she was 5 years old, Aubine has never loved any thing as much as she does with her website building skills. She believes that engineers are some of the smartest people on the planet. In fact, she owns a couple of customized t-shirts that say, "Engineering is bae". She is also a very innovative individual and is always keen to learn new things.

Ferrau Garland aka "Bumper"

Let it be known that Ferrau is a contributing writer to our website and is a huge fan of mini golf and bumper boats. He believes that humanity can only advance if fun parks are not threatened by new inventions that take away simple thrills, but are willing to accept whatever does take their place in order to further the fun. His dedicated efforts to teaching young people about old-school fun parks rides, especially those with water park themes are still important in society. His one-liners are always the best. For example: “I’m just a kid at heart- it just my body that got old”

Antoine Boivin aka"Adrenaline Junkie"

He is the website’s associate editor. He is a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie. His favorite quote is, "If it's fast paced, then l'm 1st in line". He enjoys outdoorsy stuff and is also very competitive. He doesn't like to lose and always gives his best in whatever he does. Often you will hear him say "My best can move mountains". His first love is racing and he hopes to compete for as long as his legs can carry him.

This team of people believes that anything that can bring people together is worth celebrating, hence their continued efforts to grow their website to reach a global audience. Their strategy to achieving this goal is creating a diverse range of content that is both entertaining and informative. We welcome any advice or comments that you would like to contribute or tell us about. Please send us those ideas here- or just send us a message what is your favorite race park rides happen to be.


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