Do you like funky Disco bumper boats?

bumper boats funnyDo you love riding carts and just ramming into each other for the sake of fun? Do you just love wheezing around and crashing into one another while you can’t stop laughing about it? You must really love to wheel around on that smooth surface with little or no friction. But won’t you just love if you could just ram into each while you are floating? Yes, that’s right. You can have the same exhilarating experience on water too. How? You ask? Well, all you need are those funky disco bumper boats.

Yes, the floating and lightweight motorized bumper boats are so cool. They are the perfect equipment that one can wish for a fun pool party. Imagine all your friends and you hanging around in a pool with your swimsuits, flaunting your tanned skin and all the while just floating around in those inflatable lounges. There are no limits to the fun you can have while riding these bumper boats. You can relax, clash into each other or sway towards the flow of water. No matter what you do, you will feel a lot excited and peaceful going about it. You can also try the bumper boats with water cannons. You can actually have a friendly match of water sports with your near and dear ones all the while having the time of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a poolside house and an inside pool. Now you have the option of just booking a pool for fun purposes in amusement parks. One of the most popular and happening amusements park offering this is the Upper Clements Park, Nova Scotia in Canada. With around more than 50 rides and tourist attractions, it is Canada’s one of the busiest amusement parks. You can revel in the fun of riding the funky bumper boats here and have a memorable experience. Usually, these motorized bumper boats have a disco theme. This is because they are synchronized to the beats of those peppy and trendy songs and you can groove to the music along with your funky bumper boats.

Nothing feels more realistic and joyful like moving to the beats in your bumper boat. Because you are floating and dancing to your favorites at the same time.

Recently, a concert by Rita Ora was performed on a floating stage at the Henley Festival. The event was an up roaring success which left the crowd literally wanting more time. You can imagine why. They were listening and dancing to their favorites songs in the snuggliest chairs or as they say ‘inflatable lounges’. This was a huge success and it actually popularized the disco boat theme party. It also made people familiar to the hydro floating boats which totally puts a different twist on the bumper boat theme. Even people with fear of water couldn’t resist themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Just head out and book yourself a disco theme bumper boat party and enjoy to the fullest. I can assure you this is an experience you will not want to miss.