What is the French Federation of Motor Sports (FFSA)

Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile famously recognized as French Federation of Motor Sports is a renowned sports association serving the sector of motor sporting across French since 1952 when it was founded. Working closely with the International Automobile Federation (FlA), FFSA is not only concerned with motor racing in French, but also operates in accordance with the global trends in the industry. Major areas of operation in the automobile industry where FFSA has featured include Rally racing, Mountain racing, Circuit racing, All-Road racing, Karting, Drift Racing, and Historical Vehicles (VHC).


However, the reputation of FFSA is resoundingly evident in the areas of road racing and karting, in which the federation has optimally invested material, human and financial resources. As can be seen from the overwhelming membership constituted in FFSA, the federation has adequately cultivated trust of performance by keeping a track record at an unlimited scale. Decade by decade FFSA has been gradually expanding its coverage and as of now, the federation plays at least fifteen pertinent roles, all geared towards bettering the motor sporting industry in strict adherence to the interests of both national and international law and regulation. For instance, the federation is committed in the delivery of racing licenses, development and effectiveness of the competition calendar, affiliation to the relevant international and national organizations, approval of the authenticity and validity of driving schools, organization of various motor sporting championships, stages, and the manifestations, and awarding of France championship tiles among other responsibilities.

Of the achievements that FFSA has made overtime, Andros Trophy stands out among the greatest of all these championships. This is a seasonal motorcycle and automobile ice racing championship that takes place in France and Andorra, lasting for approximately 2 to 3 months. It is divided into series of depending on the classes of competition such as elite class, promotion class, pilot bike and the Sprint Cars, or Trophee Andros Feminin. It is in the arena of Andros Trophy that great names such as Yvan Muller, Jean-Philippe Dayraut, Romain Grosjean, Olivier Panis and Jacques Villeneuve among others are remembered mostly for repeated victories throughout the championship series.

Throughout the history of motorcycle and automobile ice racing championships, FFSA has consistently worked towards ensuring that Andros Trophy advances in terms of material resources and effectiveness of organizing racing competitions. For instance, the organizers of Andros Trophy delights in having been allowed 2M0 by the federation to enhance the performance of present vehicles in Trophee Andros Electrique prior to meeting V6-powered racers. This is a manifestation of the Andros Trophy’s quest towards the merging of the electric division its topmost category which comprises of the racing cars that are somewhat conventionally-powered.

As one can readily see, the commitment of FFSA in ensuring that French racing teams across the board shines on the top of the international ranks of performance. By periodically consenting with political authorities to allow for an enabling atmosphere necessary for success, FFSA has proved beyond reasonable doubts its commitment to nurture the reputation of the French motor sporting industry at large.